Terms of Use

We’re making changes to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We’ve put the most important things for you to know in this email.

These changes will apply from 6th March 2022. Your continued use of the bitlivetrade platform from this date will be in accordance with the new Terms of Use.

What’s changing?

In a nutshell, where you previously registered with bitlivetrade, you entered into a legal agreement with Bit Live Tradee Ltd. Now, as a customer verified on the platform, your agreement has been sealed and sent to the FCA.

Why’s it changing?

This change is being made to ensure control and sustainability for the company and you and will best focus on deposit, withdrawal, reinvestment, and bonus regulations and laws, allowing you to have access to the right amount and bonuses after fulfilling individual requirements that will enable us to engage more proactively with regulators in each of the markets.

What does it mean for you?

There's no action needed from you and these changes will not impact your already existing assets, rather it will eliminate errors of multiplication of figures and regulations of reinvestment as the company is taking full responsibility for that function henceforth. This does not affect your ability to use bitlivetrade.

To reflect your contractual relationship with bitlivetrade, we wish to inform you of the following:

  • • You can only withdraw only your interest after 5 consecutive reinvestment, and after 2 withdrawals you will need to top-up your investment.
  • • You can withdraw up to 50% of your capital and interest after 2 re-investments, after 1 withdrawal, you will have to top-up your investment.
  • • After 5 referrals, you automatically get a bonus credit of $500 in your registered cryptocurrency wallet and not the company wallet.
  • • Assigning a Broker to guide you to make successful trade both in and out of the company comes at a fee of $5000 and you will be entitled to free signals once in 2days for up to a month.
  • Thank you for being a bitlivetrade customer!

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